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Welcome to the Bush Poetry Pages. These pages reflect, I hope, some of the beauty and celebration of the Australian literary pursuit called Bush Poetry. It seems appropriate to dedicate some time to the delights that are shared at Bush Poets Breakfasts and competitions throughout the country on a regular basis.

On this site I'll touch on a little history of Bush Poetry, give some brief descriptions and works by some of our modern Bush Poets, as well as a treasure-chest of parochial jewels (yes, I'm unashamedly a Queenslander).

If you enjoy some of the works presented here, you can contact the authors direct for books/cds of their works.

For 'Overseas Visitors', unaquainted with our Australian humour , I've included a bit of whimsy by Jeremy Lee, Australia - The Confusing Country.

Feel free to eMail any contributions, comments or criticisms to ... ... but just remember that any opinions expressed in these pages by the contributors will be stubbornly defended to the grave. Parties with differing opinions should realise that they are either mistaken, misinformed or just plain wrong. Write in anyway, I really am glad to hear from you (seriously).

| 17.09.2009 |

Postscript to an Epitaph

(c) 2011 Manfred Vijars


I've travelled 'round this Country Mate and crossed the Queensland border
sometimes sober, sometimes drunk but mostly out of order.
Been knocked over - made some blues (I had to take my chances).
When I was down I got right up and took no backward glances.

Reaching for what can't be held I've let some sweet lips fool me.
Frequently been crushed by love (my heart will often rule me).
Another crack at living my life over would be wasted
I'd make those same mistakes again (plus some I haven't tasted).

Lessons have been hard to learn - but that's the way I've played em;
copped my knocks and any dues - I've stepped right up and payed 'em.
Now at the end I find I must do my own 'epitaphing';
and hope the stupid things I've done will leave you bastards laughing.

| 27.04.2011 |