Manfred the Poet

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Track Listing:


1. Please Call Me Mate 1:27
I get ticked off by people calling me 'Buddy'.

2. 100 Percent 3:35
My parents migrated out here to Australia from Europe when I was two years old. For good or ill, the choices parents make and the things that they do have impact on their kids.

3. Ozone 1:11
Colloquialisms, diminutives and general expression in our good old Aussie 'Strine'.

4. For Krissy 2:43
For my best mate and travel companion. After the conclusion of one Festival he said to me, “Poppy, when you’re dead I’m gunna write a poem about you!” I just wanted to slip this in for him before I ‘left the building’.

5. Jandamurra 4:22
... also known as Pigeon, almost drove the white settlers out of the Kimberleys. A brilliant tactician and an adept guerrilla fighter who knew his country well and used that knowledge to advantage.
This story is about the Battle of Wanjina Gorge - 17 November 1894.

6. Strum 4:38
Gems and precious jewels are often found deep under dirt - seems to be the same with some people too.

7. Good Night's Sleep 1:38
The things a bloke has to do for a good night’s sleep.

8. Happy Jack 5:25
... was one of Australia’s most prolific bushrangers. He was involved in over 630 holdups and robberies and also murder. He never went to court and never spent one day in prison.

9. Attitude (Some Doggerel) 4:12
A dog story - Dogs are smart, and some humans are pretty dumb I reckon.

10. Brumby 5:40
One day in the life of an old brumby stallion.

11. Exercise Racket 2:09
Whenever the Government says that something is a good for you, you can bet that somebody else will benefit.

12. Sheila 4:48
Many folks think that the key to a successful relationship is a 50/50 deal (they're being shortchanged) This story is about a bloke who meets his 'Sheila', they fall in love and live happilly ever after - how sweet is that.

13. Illegal Immigrant 2:02
... they should ALL be sent back to where they came from, I reckon.

14. Died Game 5:39
Another bushranger story - how the phrase "Tell 'em I died game" came about.

15. Chain Letters 2:46
How to be lucky in love and make a fortune with just a button-click.